Agile Coach

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Job description

You will be:

  • Guiding and running agile software product development teams on how to adopt Agile/Scrum principles and values and to deliver great products to William Hill customers
  • Awareness and adherence to the William Hill Agile Playbook to help the organisation adopt agile best practise consistently and at scale
  • Pragmatic agile. Empowering the team to self-organise and make autonomous decisions within the teams remit whilst respecting the playbook. Ensure that the key agile metrics that the team create are maintained to demonstrate the health of the agile software product development team
  • Understanding of Agile/Scrum maturity levels. Working with the team to establish a good level to begin and driving continual improvements. Starting with establishing basics and key Scrum ceremonies (backlog refinement, the daily stand up, different levels of planning, sprint reviews and retrospectives) through to achieving high performing, delivery focused agile product development teams
  • Removing impediments/blockers or guiding the team to remove them. Linking up with the Project Management support function to identify and manage dependencies with other delivery teams
  • Building a trusting and safe environment where problems can be raised without fear of blame, retribution, or being judged, with an emphasis on healing and problem-solving
  • Facilitating discussion, decision making, and conflict resolution
  • Be a member of the WH agile community of practice and contribute to driving agile software development across William Hill technology
  • Assisting with internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information
  • Supporting and educating the Product Owner, especially on refinement and maintaining the product backlog
  • Providing all support to the team using a servant leadership style whenever possible, and leading by example

We expect you to have:

  • Min. 1 year of relevant experience of working as a Scrum Master, with a thorough understanding of agile software development methodologies, values and procedures together with min. 5 years of experience in the IT area on a leading/managing position
  • Scrum master/scrum practitioner certificate is advantageous
  • Experience in working in large multinational organizations
  • A background in software development – understands what technical debt is and how to manage it within an agile team as well as understand other processes and methodologies and apply as appropriate, to provide value to a team/enterprise
  • The understanding of the value of TDD/BDD and that you are able to demonstrate the approaches to the teams
  • Experience in working in Agile at Scale and/or Scrum of Scrums
  • Demonstrable experience as a collaborative Leader:  must be able to garner respect from his/her team and be willing to get their hands dirty to get the job done
  • Leadership skills and the ability to influence and persuade, and maintain a high-energy environment
  • Must have experience in ensuring agile development concepts and principles are adhered to, must be able to be a voice of reason and authority, make the tough calls when needed
  • Must have experience in conflict resolution, and be able to facilitate discussion and facilitate alternatives or different approaches
  • Understanding of the incremental delivery, early end-to-end integration, the benefit of small releases and regular engagement with the client
  • Understanding of the backlog tracking, burndown metrics, velocity metrics, and task definition
  • Understanding of the User Stories and the value of Acceptance Criteria, 3Cs and INVEST acronym
  • Diplomacy skills, are approachable and punctual
  • Attention to detail, are a team player with a positive character