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Job description

To drive the team in achieving the goals and make sure that all targets are met. To ensure the team's stability and camaraderie. To deliver consistently good performance through utmost efforts and commitment. To enhance his/her leadership skills and nurture his/her individual knowledge and capabilities for a more effective and productive supervision. Should provide strategic training program/s and standard procedures to develop the team's competency. Should efficiently and accurately report all relevant and significant information and issues to the direct manager with transparency. To establish the team's credibility and competitiveness to attain the department's objectives.

Main duties and responsibilities: 

  • Managing the overall performance of the team through proper tasks delegation, regular metrics and KPI goals monitoring, consistent performance evaluation and efficient designation of individual responsibilities
  • Provides documented feedback of the agents’ performance/behaviors on a timely manner and submits it to the direct manager 
  • Makes sure that the team roster is up to date and is in compliance with what the business production needs
  • Initiates active participation to company and department activities and events
  • Identifies the team’s strengths, motivations and weaknesses and improve them as needed.
  • Develops strategies for the team that would be of help in achieving its goals
  • Provides necessary training for the team members to deliver quality tasks results
  • Monitors the flow of day-to-day operations
  • Monitors and creates reports on team’s progress
  • Prepares and trains potential leaders from the team for vital roles successions
  • Can be assigned related task from time to time to support the over-all objectives of the business.


  • Bachelor’s/College degree is an advantage
  • 3+ years of experience in a call centre or BPO company in the same capacity is an advantage
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Flexibility to work different shifts